Women Fighting to Hold Formula Maker Accountable to Families and Babies for Inadequate Warning of Neocate Dangers.

A 2017 Yale University study revealed a link between Neocate, a formula for babies who cannot drink regular milk, and multiple and severe bone fractures. These fractures are thought to be occurring because of phosphate deficiencies (known as Rickets or hypophosphatemia). Tragically, in some instances, babies with multiple bone fractures face permanent disfigurement. In addition, unexplained fractures allegedly deriving from Neocate use have led to false and improper allegations of child abuse against parents in some circumstances, compounding a family’s tragedy.

A women-led team of lawyers at Lieff Cabraser is investigating multiple reports of injuries allegedly related to Neocate. Manufactured and marketed in the U.S. by Nutricia, Neocate is one of the oldest baby formulas available for babies who cannot drink cow’s milk.

In March 2016, Nutricia issued a warning that babies using Neocate as a primary or sole source of nutrition “should be routinely monitored by clinicians.” The lawyers believe this warning was inadequate to give families the information they need when caring for their babies.

As Rachel Gemain of Lieff Cabraser describes it: “Companies know what they are supposed to do: use reasonable care in the design, manufacturing, testing and inspection of the product to see that the product is safe for any use. Women lawyers, doctors, and researchers are on the front line of making sure this happens.”